A great escape

Posted by Lianda on Sat October 8, 2022.

There are still places where you are free to live without fear. Precious little spots where you can dare to walk or run or cycle into the sun with the knowledge that you will not be disturbed. Spaces that offer an escape.
One such place is Prinspoort Klein Karoo Stay.

Modern city life, not only in South Africa, but in many places elsewhere on earth, has become a jail. We live on a merry-go-round from home to work and back, and all the while we have to fend off threats, imaginary or real,

We live and work behind high walls, safeguarded by security beams and cameras and tricks because there are forces outside that would like to harm us, to steal from us, to kill us. That it not life. That is just an existence. 

One of the lessons of the Covid pandemic and its restrictions, is that life is so bitterly short and that it should be lived, not just endured. Like all other animals, man yearned to be free.

What we discovered in conversations with our guests, is that one of the things most appreciated here at our sanctury in the Klein Karoo, is their ability to live without fear. Parents can allow their children the freedom to cycle off on their mountain bikes into the long and dusty Klein Karoo roads or take solitary walks without watching over them the whole time. Women love the fact that they can leave open their windows and doors at night without any fear at all. Families can linger outside under the stars untill the small hours, without worrying about possible deadly disturbances.

Prinspoort Klein Karoo Stay is situated at the foothills of the rugged Swartberg Mountain in the isolated Prinsriviervallei.  Here you are in the heart of the Klein Karoo, surrounded by the Swartberg, Langeberg and Anysberg mountains and numerous Karookoppies. When you enter Prinspoort with its pre-historic, towering rock formations, just like its bigger counterparts, Seweweekspoort and Meiringspoort, you enter a world where you can read the tracks of time in the rocks and hear the whisper of eternity in the silence which is such a distinctive part of the Great Karoo and the Klein Karoo.

Once you have reached your destination at our farmstay, you will feel the Klein Karoo magic weaving its spell around you. Here, in this tranquil place, you can rediscover to breath, to be free to be you.

Prinspoort Klein Karoo Stay offers you an escape into a cacoon of safety and serenity.  This is a place where you can let the outside in.  It can be your safe place. Your escape.